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Automobile Appraisal Services

We have been providing quality and timely automobile, motorcycle, and heavy equipment appraisals since 1990. If you are looking for fast, dependable, and experienced appraisers to handle your car, truck, motorcycle, or heavy equipment appraisals, Houston Appraisal Service is ready and waiting to serve your appraisal needs.

Insurance Company Appraisal
We provide fast and accurate automobile, truck, motorcycle, marine, farm and heavy equipment appraisals for insurance companies and independent insurance adjusters. Our services include inspecting and photographing the damaged vehicle, and generating a complete and accurate repair estimate. If the vehicle is a total loss, we provide a thorough total loss workup, providing the most accurate valuation and salvage value possible.

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Classic Car Appraisal
Once we fully inspect and photograph your classic, vintage, or customized vehicle, we do a nationwide search of comparable vehicles, and provide you with an accurate valuation of your vehicle.

Sales Tax Valuation Appraisal
Some states require an appraisal to establish a value for a vehicle different than the standard presumptive value to set a proper sales tax amount.   We will inspect your vehicle, and provide an accurate appraisal, along with the appropriate tax form.

Bonded Title  Appraisal
A bonded title is required in Texas to provide a title to vehicles when the proper evidence of ownership is not available. The bonded title law was past by the Texas Legislature in the late 1980's to provide an alternative to a Tax Collector Hearing to secure a Texas title for Texas residents. 

We will inspect your vehicle, and provide an accurate and complete appraisal, along with the appropriate lost title form.

Insurance Policy Stated Value Appraisal
If you wish to have a stated value insurance policy or if your vehicle is over 10 years, the insurance company may require an appraisal of your vehicle, to establish an accurate value. We will inspect and photograph your vehicle, and provide a complete and accurate stated value report to your insurance compnay.

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