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A bonded title is required in Texas to provide a title to a vehicle when the proper evidence of ownership is not available. The bonded title law was past by the Texas Legislature in the late 1980's to provide an alternative to a Tax Collector Hearing to secure a Texas title for Texas residents.

We will inspect your vehicle, and provide an accurate and complete appraisal, along with the appropriate lost title form.


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Appraisal Type: Lost Title Appraisal Tax Assessment Appraisal
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Our flat rate fee for bonded title vehicle inspection and appraisal is $139.00. Our fee includes a complete inspection at your location, a full set of high resolution photographs, a 4 to 8 page written appraisal, and the appropriate form to file for a lost title.

Travel is included up to 25 miles from downtown Houston or Austin, whichever is closer to the inspection site. Rural areas or areas outside of Houston or Austin that require extra travel may include extra mileage charges.

By pressing the submit button, you are asking Houston Appraisal Service to perform an automobile appraisal on the vehicle listed above.

Appraisals are normally performed within 48 hours after receiving the assignment. If you are in need of faster service, please email or call us at 713-487-8401 immediately after submitting this appraisal assignment.

Soon after you submit this form, you will receive an Email with a link to a PayPal invoice. Once we receive your PayPal payment, we will contact you to setup a time to inspect and photograph your vehicle. If you are not able to make payment via PayPal, please give us a call to arrange another payment method.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. If you do not hear from us within one business day, please contact us at 713-487-8401 to verify we received your appraisal assignment.

Thank you for your business!

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